Pool Heat Pumps

TDI Ultra Inverter Heat Pump


The TDI Ultra heat pump stands out for its innovative cylindrical design, which enables several key benefits.

Firstly, its vertical vortex air dispersion minimizes air recirculation, enhancing operational efficiency.

Secondly, its compact and lightweight build, with units as small as 500mm in diameter, allows for easy installation even in tight spaces.

Thirdly, its 270° air intake design reduces required clearance, making it ideal for installations with space constraints. This unique design not only improves efficiency but also enhances operational performance in colder climates.

Constructed from durable materials, including black powder-coated aluminum and steel, the TDI Ultra is built to last and offers a sleek aesthetic appeal.

TDI Heat Pump Options & Features
  • Unit Sizes with Plugs – 12.56KW (15amp)
  • Unit Sizes Hard Wired – 20.41KW, 26.21KW, 34.8KW
  • Fan Direction – Top Blow in single and 3 phase
  • Gas Type – R32
  • Tested – Independently test by TUV Rheinland
  • Display – Digital with App Control
  • Wifi – Built in
  • Compressor – Full Inverter by Mitsubishi
  • Evaporator – Bluefin Coated Anti-corrosion coating
  • External Case – High Quality ABS 
  • Internal Case – Black Powder Coated Marine grade aluminium
  • Soft Start – Increases power hertz-by-hertz
  • Extremely Quiet – Quieter than an “8 star” pool pump
  • Efficient – Uses 50-80% less power than standard heat pumps
  • Electronic de-ice – Works at temperatures down to -7 degrees
  • Highest COP – Up to 15.62 CO-efficiency of performance
  • Spa Suitable – Max Temp 40c
  • Operating Function – Heat & Cool
  • 30 Years* – Titanium Heat Exchanger
  • 6 Years – Mitsubishi Electric Full Inverter Compressor
  • 2 Years – Electronics
  • 1 Year – Labour
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