Solar Pool Heating

Solar Pool Heating

At Australian Energy Systems we have been heating pools with solar pool heating around Australia since 1998.  Infact, we have installed over 10,000 solar pool heating systems. 

Our aim is to deliver resort level pool temperature for your pool. 

Environmentally Friendly

Solar pool heating systems absorb & collect the sun’s rays to heat your pool water.  The system will work through autumnspring & summer sunny days and even on a cloudy day.  Relying on the sun to provide heat to your swimming pool is the greenest and most cost-effective way to heat a swimming pool. 

Temperature Expectations

The temperature that a solar pool heating system can deliver is based on the ambient weather and the amount of collector you put on the roof. At Australian Energy Systems, we always recommend using a minimum of 80% coverage of your pool’s surface area. This means, if your pool was 8m x 4m you should put at least 25.6 square meters of collector on the roof.

28 Degree’s is a very comfortable pool temp, we find most people are very happy with 28c for their pool.  You can aim for a hotter pool; this will vary depending on your geographical location & the amount of solar collector you put on your roof.  For high temp pools, a pool cover is also recommended. 

Automated Solar Pool Heating

Our solar pool heating systems are generally automated, so your pool is always ready to swim.  Whether you buy a fully installed system or a DIY kit, we will recommend using a solar controller or pool automation system to help manage heat up times & pump operation. 

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