Commercial Pool Covers

Pool Covers

Commercial Pool Covers are a must for any commercial pool that needs to be heated. Using a pool cover will often reduce the size of the heating system required and cut the power costs by up to as much as 50%

As a Daisy Pool Cover distributor, we have a team of people that can support your next pool cover project. Whether you are considering pool covers and rollers or simply a repair to a roller AES and Daisy can help you.

We currently off a 4.5mm Thermal Foam which is the most popular for commercial pools or for slightly smaller pools bubble covers may be an option.

For commercial outdoor pools, we always recommend adding wind skirting to support the covers during windy periods. Thermal edge binding is also important to ensure long life of the cover and less likely chance of cover damage.

To make pool covers easy and ergonomic to get on and off the pool for your staff, we have a range of commercial pool cover rollers and bench options to suit most pools. If all that sounds too hard, we can look to automate the removal the covers as an option.

Thermal Covers

Thermal Pool Covers are typically used in most commercial complexes due to the heat retention value of the covers. While the thermal foam does not let UV light through to help warm the water it does retain the most amount of heat of any cover. Thermal covers also roll up on the roller the neatest and make it easy for the person doing the removal.

When purchasing pool covers for a commercial complex it is important to consider the ergonomics and OhnS of the system being installed.

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