Pool Heat Pumps

AES Full Inverter Heat Pumps

Swimming pool heat pumps are currently the most chosen form of pool heating in Australia.

There are many brands of heat pumps to choose from and not all of them can claim the title of Full Inverter. Full Inverter means you are power saving from the minute the heat pump engages, not only is the compressor running inverter technology, the heat pump fan is as well.

Powered by Mitsubishi

Our compressor of choice is Mitsubishi, over the years we have tried other brands like Gree, Panasonic, Toshiba, Copeland and GMCC, we settled on Mitsubishi. The reliability and the support offered to us as a worldwide partner with our production partners is second to none, which means you can purchase with confidence from a company you can trust with a brand you can trust.

Control Options – Display and Apps

AES Heat Pumps come with two methods of control; you can use the built-in digital display on the unit if the Wi-Fi is unavailable. Alternatively, you can use our easy-to-use apps that control the temperature, operating modes, daily timers and on-off functions.

What about support?

We believe supporting your heat pump should be easy. Whether you are an end user that purchased through our dealer network or a tradesman needing support over the phone onsite on the fly, we have a solution to support you in your purchase.

Our in-house service team can answer any support questions you may have. Adding to this our network of service professionals around the country, any time you need support it should be a simple and friendly experience.

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